The artist paints the struggle between himself and his subject

-Harold Rosenberg

My interests lie in the territory between image and abstraction, and subject and meaning, in direct, un-ironic language.

The paintings are a dis-representational, interior vision of the natural world, where the land/scape is occurring, not static; where it is familiar but not universal; where essences are present but unfixed.

Nature operates as a reflection of ourselves; us but not; a conscience that knows better.

I am a painter of shadows, that both hold unknowns and provide refuge.

A lighter, more lyrical palette has been more recently imposed, to broaden the statement and expressive range.

Formally, the work deals with mass, density, value, and space. The approach is reactive and spontaneous as a means of achieving full, uninterrupted contact with the subject. There is a direct relationship between materiality of paint and earthly matter.

Recognizing the current, fragile state of the environment, and our role in its condition, the painting is neither foreboding nor hopeful, but merely reflective of a given, permanent state of uncertainty.